What is the difference between a lager and an IPA?

What is the difference between a lager and an ipa?

Written by Dr T McMinn
Lager has a specific yeast and is fermented at cold temperatures (some say it’s too fermented)!
Proper IPA (not your Green King) is a warm fermented ale using pale malt and large amounts of hops which was originally made in Burton and formulated which is still brewed in the barrel, therefore on the journey to India for the troops of the Empire and the East India Company it would arrive fresh. This tended to be stronger, as all the sugar got fermented on the journey – proper IPA is always over 5% and nearer 7.5%.
The new craft ones (like Punk Dog) use American hops (mainly start with C) that have twice as much of the important stuff as English hops – makes them taste citrusy.
Here endeth the lesson!

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